Do People Actually “Buy” Cars on the Internet??

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Do people buy cars on the Internet? In short: In a manner of speaking. But it’s not as though most of us will ever simply browse a few pictures then just empty our wallets into the computer screen! It is more accurate to say that people begin their vehicle shopping on the Internet. In fact, Ford Motor Company recently stated that upwards of 85% of car buyers do some type of Internet shopping and/or research prior to walking onto a dealership sales lot. Even older customers with no computer or smart phone seem to always have a willing grandson or granddaughter do the web research on their behalf. So, while Internet automobile buying isn’t as streamlined as ordering, say,  a new skillet from, it’s clear that the Internet has become an essential tool in the overall car buying experience. And this is AWESOME for the customer!

Here at Vallery Ford in Waverly, Ohio, we understand that the Internet is a “game changer” for our industry. That’s why we strive to offer customers a positive web site shopping experience. You can browse our complete inventory from your computer, tablet, or smart phone. Besides pictures, our site offers pricing and in-depth product information. In fact, customers who research their next new or pre-owned car using our website typically know as much about the vehicle as the sales consultant does! Like I said, the Internet is a gamer changer for sure.

There comes a time, however, when pictures or videos of a car just won’t do. Afterall, you’ll want to see the vehicle with your own eyes, touch the steering wheel, sit in the driver’s seat, and test drive it. You may think that the Internet portion of the shopping experience ends when you begin the more traditional process of scheduling a sales appointment. However, the Internet still provides benefits to the customer even when he or she is sitting across from a sales consultant in the dealership!

How can the Internet still be a benefit to a customer at the dealership? Auto dealers understands that customers have access to a wealth of price and product knowledge. If the dealership doesn’t offer the customer a great price, the customer KNOWS it! Afterall, the once painful and slow process of price matching and comparison is now easier than making a phone call, especially with smart phone apps. Reputable dealers will work hard to demonstrate the value in their product, all while being highly motivated to also offer a truly competitive price! In short, no auto dealer wants to watch a potential car buyer drive down the road to purchase their next car! So, the increase pricing and product knowledge made available by the Internet means savings for the customer!

While some advantageous customers are willing to simply “order” their next car from the web, most will continue to split the difference with Internet shopping/research combined with physically shopping at the dealership. The Internet empowers customers to find the best price for the vehicles they want to buy. And reputable dealers are swift to give customers a great deal……..all thanks to the Internet! – JB


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